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Joanna Williams

Metalwork, Sculpture

I am a professional contemporary artist blacksmith designing and creating unique hand forged sculptures for the home & garden. Inspired by nature’s flowing forms & textures I translate my ideas in steel by using traditional blacksmithing techniques. My outdoor pieces are designed to add architectural height & focal interest where needed or functionality to support a plant. My indoor ironwork is varied, including my signature floral pieces and is constantly evolving through experimentation and enjoyment of my craft. Texture and fluidity are an important aspect of my work. I aim for my pieces to be tactile, being seen equally through touch, a sensation my hands are physically denied during the making process. I set up Fire Iron Art in 2013 taking on client commissions for bespoke sculptural & architectural ironwork and run blacksmith experience days for those who want to try this heritage craft. At Dartington College of Arts I discovered my passion for working with metal. The National School of Blacksmithing taught me the techniques to unlock the materials potential. I continue to explore its possibilities every time I light my forge.
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