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Kate Poole

Ceramics, Painting/Drawing, Printmaking

My art is often inspired by walking in the Mendips, the distant views, the old, gnarled trees, and the traces of humanity found within the landscape, both ancient and modern. Memory is a recurring theme in my projects and I am interested how remnants of the past affect our lives. My ceramics are mostly hand built using coils or slabs. My larger pots are saggar fired which gives a wonderful smoked effect in blacks and whites. I sometimes use printmaking in my ceramics, and have used this in a range of work including a small altar and a permanent ceramic frieze depicting Birnbeck Pier installed in Prince Consort Garden, Weston-super-Mare. Recently I have been inspired by ancient Venus figures and goddesses, I am making a series of these, some are tatooed! I also have a range of more traditional functional pots. My printmaking includes etching, photo-gravure, silkscreen and lino cut.
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