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Ann Kelson


After always being a Maker I was lucky enough to attend and graduate from UWE in 2014 with a First Class Honours Degree in Drawing and Applied Arts. I am interested in lots of materials and mediums and can’t imagine a life where I wasn’t being creative in some way. During a trip to Cornwall I became inspired by the landscape, the light and the colours and I began to create paintings which focused on these things. I hope my paintings are full of life and energy and try to promote this with my choice of techniques and materials. I include glitter and metal leaf in my work in an effort to capture the sparkle I see and feel at the coast. I enjoy using bright colours and textures to capture an impression and atmosphere rather than a direct representation. I have recently opened a small studio, gallery and am enjoying developing a range of prints on paper and aluminium as well as my usual acrylic originals.
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