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Gabbie Gardner

Enamels, Jewellery, Mixed Media, Painting/Drawing, Textile Art

I am a professional designer and maker producing both two and three dimensional work. My work celebrates diversity and detail of the natural world, often inspired by the textures, shapes and colours of the West Country. Jewellery designs develop in response to initial ideas and starting points, which could be anything from the shapes of lichen to the myriad colours of a landscape. Materials are chosen to best suit the developed designs and to evoke some element of that initial inspiration. This could be contrasting textures on a piece of silver or capturing a certain shade of sky blue by using an appropriate gemstone. My aim in jewellery making is always to create pieces which are well designed, durable, comfortable to wear and timeless, ensuring that the wearer may enjoy the piece for many years. Drawing, painting and textile work enable me to explore more conceptual ideas such as meanings of place and possessions and our relationships to them.
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