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Karen Edwards

Ceramics, Sculpture

Professional potter since 2005, making distinctive handbuilt frostproof sculptures, planters and decorative items for gardens and interiors. Karen's ceramics combine her interests in texture, landscape and plants, from tiny pebbles to tall abstract forms. The colour palette is deliberately earthy and neutral, to complement plants rather than compete with them. Clay surfaces are carved, inlaid, scraped, polished or impressed during the making stage to give interesting textures. After the first firing, the textures are enhanced with oxide washes, slips (liquid clay) and glazes, before being fired for the second time. Creating her individual pieces is a lengthy process and opening the electric kiln is always a surprise - even after so many years, nothing can ever be taken for granted with ceramics, which is what makes it such an exciting, addictive challenge. Karen regularly exhibits her unique work in prestigious sculpture garden events and is happy to discuss commission or personalisation ideas. Her large studio always has a display of finished pieces for sale and is open throughout the year but an appointment is advisable.
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