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Liane Stevenson

Mixed media, Painting/Drawing, Sculpture

Liane Stevenson is a professional artist living and working in North Somerset. She trained in Fine Art, sculpture at UWE. Her work divides into three main areas, portraiture, landscape, and work inspired by the natural world. In her portraiture Liane is not concerned with a photographic likeness, but rather to capture a glimpse of the character of her subject and make a connection between the sitter and the viewer. In her landscapes she is inspired by the rhythms found in the natural and agricultural landscape, and in the architectural geometry of the cityscape. She uses mixed media and collage to represent and enhance the decorative aspect of these qualities, whilst maintaining a sense of place. Liane’s interest in the natural world is really a celebration of the diversity of our fauna, and the current threat it finds itself under. She hopes to inspire her viewers to enjoy and help conserve our environment. Primarily though, Liane has an immense joy in the artistic process, drawing, applying paint and experimenting with colour and materials.
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