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Lizzie Tucker


Professional mosaicist creating wildlife-inspired mosaics. Usually made from stained glass, these wildlife mosaics feature birds, trees and animals and are represented in vibrant, modern, flowing style. I always find that the challenge is to create a piece that looks realistic in the unforgiving medium of stained glass. As glass is very rigid, it can’t be blended like paint, and compromising on glass colour is usual as there is a finite range of colours to choose from. Grout is crucial in creating movement and flow. Not only where the grout goes, but also the grout colour, can break a piece apart or bring it together. I often find this the hardest part. I’ve recently been experimenting in a completely different style, using a wide variety of different matierials to make much more abstract, earthy mosaics. They often include a semi-precious stone and the aim is to embody the properties of this stone within the piece.
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