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Lucy Fraser

Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting/Drawing

A self-confessed ‘bird and bug nerd’, Lucy Fraser paints the wildlife she encounters and learns about on walks in the North Somerset countryside and beyond. Lucy graduated in 2002 with First Class Honours in Fine Art from the University of the West of England and worked in props-making for film, animation and museums before becoming an exhibiting artist. The years working with intricate designs provided her with an appreciation of fine detail now evident in her paintings. She uses watercolours, pencils and acrylic paints to capture the birds and insects she loves. Lucy says: ‘I only paint creatures I’ve observed first hand. Some of my paintings are of specific birds I see on my walks, others celebrate bird and insect behaviours, real or exaggerated.’ Lucy’s work has earned her several artist residencies, prizes and awards including ‘Best Regional Artist’ at the Royal West of England Academy where she is an Artist Member. Her exhibition for NSAW23 has original paintings, giclee prints, cards and small artworks displayed for sale alongside her numerous collections of natural history finds and curios - a treat for nature lovers.
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