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Olwyn KW


I was intrigued by clay from an early age. After a ceramics degree and teachers certificate I taught in a wide variety of schools for but finally became disillusioned and left teaching. A successful career in IT and Help Desk management followed before taking a break to care for my family. I combined homemaker duties with work as an animation assistant, learnt sign language, facilitated a variety of art projects in local schools and set up a pottery in a prison. My first love remained clay so I now work in the converted basement of our home overlooking the Bristol Channel. My inspiration comes from a variety of natural forms, exquisite flowers to robust seed heads; lidded forms reference artichokes, open vessels are inspired by water lilies. I enjoy the challenge of working with porcelain, it requires exact handling at each stage of production. It has great strength and yet may appear elegant and delicate. My work exploits the subtle differences that can be achieved in form and texture when using porcelain. Pots are thrown on the wheel, intricately carved, then sections are polished or glazed to create contrasting surface areas.
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